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From an early age, Toria began her love of all things musical, listening

to the likes of Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Queen, Joan Baez and Neil Finn,

she felt inspired to want to play music, teaching herself guitar aged

twelve, she began writing little songs and jingles to her own music. 

From the age of 16 she began honing her skills, and developed a real love for creative songwriting with the added bonus of writing her own music too.

Aged 18 she began playing live gigs in her local pubs, singing covers, slipping in her own songs whenever she could, which were always received well by her audiences.


As with many singer songwriters life sometimes gets in the way, she got married and had a little family, putting music behind her to focus on raising her children.

Fast foward to 2019, Toria and her family made a life changing decision and decided to try life in Australia, before they arrived they spent 6 weeks travelling America, taking in the magic of Nashville and Memphis Toria fell in love all over again with songwriting.

Making  the decision to push forward with her music, she began writing songs again, and took the decision to step out from being a bedroom singer, and began recording her music.

In July 2020, Toria released her first EP "Turning Tides", she has been overwhelmed at the response, with the EP receiving actual proper old-fashioned air-play and Toria receiving requests for interviews... an incredible outcome for her first EP, her first foray into a studio.

As of the 22nd November, the song "Where it All Began", which will be featured on a new EP, was released as a stand-alone single 22 November 2020, a very special and very emotional
commemorative song.  I have put a quote from Toria on the Discography page.

The EP "Diamond Stone" was released in early 2021, six more previously unreleased tracks from Toria Richings, with the title track getting radio play across Australia, the USA and many other places.

Toria has also now released "Love Affair" as a single (as of the 11th of April 2021), taken from the "Diamond Stone" EP due to popular demand.

Here we have "

I will try to keep you all up to date as we all go on this adventure with Toria, who knows where this journey may take us all.



Sydney, Australia based, Toria Richings writes stories and turns them into songs, she writes with honest emotions, her country/soul style is easy on the ears, and a great recipe for feeding the soul.

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