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WHERE IT ALL BEGAN - Video up on Youtube

Hey All big wordy post warning!!

Today see's the release of the 1st of 2 videos for my song 'Where It All Began' as many of you know and for those that don't, I wrote this Song about the sudden passing of my beautiful mum Margaret, I thought about a video for this song for sometime, I came up with an idea of not only just honouring my mum, but other people's loved ones from around the world, I wasn't sure if it could work, or if anyone would want to be a part of it, it turns out the response was overwhelming!!! So here is video No 1 'Where It All Began - Slide show, I am so very proud of it, and hope it gives something to everyone that contributed. I cannot thank you all enough, here are you beautiful loved ones up on the big screen where they all belong I would also like to say a massive big thank you to the amazing Peter Metro who made this little idea of mine a beautiful reality, the time and effort he has put in is phenomenal, not only are you a creative genius but you are a dear friend too Also a big massive thank you to Marc Scully for taking my song to heart and producing the proudest song I've ever written A massive thank you also to all the musicians who played on this song, I couldn't haven't done it without you all And to my beloved family this ones for mum

Toria Richings - Where It All Began - Slideshow - YouTube

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