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ON THE ROAD... To Tamworth

With the Nashville Sessions finished, I thought, why not get a camper van and take the scenic route to Tamworth via the middle-of-nowhere . I'm not one for having the best of ideas, but this sound like it should be fine(?). Driving the open road, playing my guitar under starry starry skies, and, running away from scary scary critters and wildlife with bitey teeth and too many legs (shudder!) What could go wrong? My gig list for Tamworth has expanded yet again, I got booked for another date, so, maybe this is the final list... TAMWORTH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL Peel Street - Mon 17th 2-3pm

Peel Street - Tue 18th 5-6pm Peel Street - Wed 19th 11.30-12pm Peel Street - Thu 20th 2pm Toyota stage, Fitzway Plaza - Wed 19th 2-2.30pm

OK, that will do for now, time to fire up this camper van beast and get on the road!!!

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