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This should be the final list of when and where I should be appearing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival next year (2022). I was originally booked in to perform on Peel Street, Monday and Tuesday, two one hour shows... a thrilling prospect, to perform at the great Tamworth Country Music Festival on the infamous Peel Street. Then I was put down to perform a little half-hour show, again on Peel Street, on the Wednesday. Such an honour to be able to play at such a major and well respected festival, but then, I get a call from the organisers, asking me to play a small set on the Toyota sponsored stage in Fitzway Plaza. So, I now have to put out yet another blog advising my Toyota stage appearance... I am hoping this is the last update and this is the final list (well, if they asked me to play another slot somewhere, I would probably say yes). 2022

17th Monday - 2-3 pm - Peel Street 18th Tuesday - 5-6 pm - Peel Street 19th Wednesday - 11.30-12pm - Peel Street 19th Wednesday - 2-2.30pm - Fitzway Plaza, Toyota Stage Hopefully, this means you can catch me at one of these, give me a little support as this is all a little daunting to me, plus it would be great to meet you and say hi.

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