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Updated: May 17, 2022

Today is the day, "RIDE YOUR HORSES" my new single released today, I am so proud of this song (along with the other songs that I recorded at the same time for THE NASHVILLE SESSIONS ep that will be coming out soon).

This track started it's journey in Sydney Australia, where I recorded it at Church Street Studios, just me and my guitar, with Sean Carey, who not only engineered the track ready for turning over to the Nashville team, but also provided some guitar. The track was then sent over to the Creative Workshop in Nashville with both Bill Wence who produced, and Joe Funderburk who engineered the finished track. The musicians who were involved in creating this amazing sound were: Bobby Ray Woods, Doyle Grisham, Eddy Anderson, Wanda Vick, Kerry Marx, David Smith, Catherine Marx, Jonell Mosser... each of these musicians has an amazing history, I wish I could have been in Nashville to meet them. After a few months working on this track (and the others due to appear on The Nashville Sessions), I set about working with a the talented Ryan Byrne, videographer, who created this great official video. Hopefully, this has all come together in a way that you will enjoy and share with friends.

If you enjoy this song, keep your eyes open, The Nashville Sessions with five more tracks will be out very soon.

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