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ON THE ROAD (pt2) - The Road to Nowhere

We set off just the other day on a road trip in small camper van, with no particular route decided, but knowing we would end up in Tamworth for the festival. Well... our journey has become a little bit aimless now. Due to the current surge in Covid cases in Australia, the organisers of the Tamworth Country Music Festival have decided it best to postpone the festival, with a view to rescheduling to April. I agree that this is a wise decision as my concerns had been growing as the event was getting closer and the numbers where going up, and would have hated for people to get ill or worse. But all of this does mean that we are now travelling with no specific destination, hopefully the experience of being a 'drifter' on the open road will bring inspiration for more ideas, songs and feels. We have tins of baked beans we can eat around the camp fire under dark skies. (I was going to insert a joke here about a scene from a Mel Brooks film, but thought better of it!) I will keep you all updated, if and when Tamworth is rescheduled and what dates I might be playing. In the meantime, please stay strong and keep safe.

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