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New Single Out 22nd August!

Well I am super excited to announce the release of my second single It's A Love Thing taken from the new EP The Nashville Sessions out later this year, The single is out on Monday 22nd Aug and will be available on all the usual digital platforms.

I wrote this song to be a good old fashioned love song, Its about feeling that thunderbolt moment when you meet ' Your person' I am immensely proud of this song and how it came out, I am so grateful to everybody who has been involved in its making,

Still to this day I have to pinch myself when I hear the final cut, when I write songs I always firstly record the idea on my phone, I could be anywhere, shopping, socializing even having a wee!! I never know when a tune will pop up in my head, I think people who have been around me when these moments happen must think I am a little bit mad, as I will suddenly start singing into my phone! So to go from a hum to a full band final cut, gives me the best feelings!

For me music is my therapy for all the good and all the bad I find myself in, there will be songs to walk with me!

I really hope you enjoy the new song and it makes you feel happy!!

Toria x

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