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New EP with more new songs imminent!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The finishing touches to my new EP have been completed and I'm just going through the artwork options and trying to tie everything else that is needed for the release! The new EP is going to be called THE NASHVILLE SESSIONS as this recording has drawn together some amazing musicians from Nashville. My parts were recorded here in Sydney, Australia with the assistance of Sean Carey at Church Street Studios, then the recordings were sent over to the USA, were Bill Wence orchestrated a line-up of musicians I could only have dreamt of, Kerry Marx, Eddy Anderson, David Smith, Wanda Vicks, Doyle Grisham, Bobby Wood, Catherine Marx and Jonell Mosser all recording at the Creative Workshop, Nashville, USA... plus the incredible Joe Funderburk to engineer it all. I can unveil the track list... RIDE YOUR HORSES MAN WITH ALL THE CHARM DEVIL ON THE RUN IT'S A LOVE THING WITHOUT A TRACE TRUCK STOPS (Nashville Sessions) So far, the cover I may be going with for this release I attach below.. Oh, and there may be a video in the pipework's for one of the tracks, but that is all hush-hush at the moment, so don't tell anyone!

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