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Nashville Bound!!

Well, I may have been a bit quiet lately but that is because I've been a busy bee!! lots of exciting things are coming up for the year ahead, starting with my first trip of the year to Nashville!! We are heading there in May to coincide with the release of my new single Fire, release date May 10th, I can't wait to be able to share it with you all, I am so proud of the new music and hope you will all like it too!!

We are really looking forward to our trip, Nashville, has been monumental in me making music, so I am so excited to be returning to play my songs there! I also can't wait to finally meet some good friends I have made, who have really helped me on this journey...

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break and got to spend some quality time with loved ones, stay tuned for more updates about the new single, be happy be well. Toria x

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