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Eagle Country Radio have a page on their website spotlighting eight new country artists, a page called "How New On Eagle"... and well...mentioned in this list alongside seven very talented performers and groups (Jamie Richards, Ron Christopher, Ronnie Dean Tinsley, Joshua Ray Walker, Chad Cooke Band, Fireside Collective and Cynthia Rausch), is lil ole me, what an amazing group of artists to be listed alongside. For those interest in knowing what was written about me, I have copied and pasted it below (only because the page is most likely fleeting and another eight may be listed next month). Make sure you check out EAGLE COUNTRY RADIO, check out their website. Eagle country radio - La Country à l'état pur

Anyways, here is what they wrote: TORIA RICHINGS : Truck Stops

UK-Australia based Alt-Country singer songwriter rising star TORIA RICHINGS is continuing on her adventure into the world of recording and performing. A soulful and modern sound with a strong country influence, stories and heartfelt emotions that resonate deeply. She has great tone and depth to her voice and an ability to tell an intriguing story and deliver it in a way that keeps the listener's attention.

EAGLE Discovery !

Many thanks to Eagle Country Radio

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