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Diamond Stone has just topped 200,000 plays today!

Woohoo! What a journey so far, I was over the moon when I had 100 plays. It was difficult to think that people might play the music that I had always kept to myself. 1,000 plays seemed inconceivable for someone just learning the ropes of a studio setting.

So, you can understand that reaching 200,000 plays, that's one-fifth of a million! I am incredibly excited and proud. I must thank all those who have helped in my journey, those who have provided encouragement, those who have provided support, the musicians, the studio, the publicist and most of all, those who have been willing to chance a few minutes to give a new artist a listen. My single Truck Stops is also doing so well, in it's first week of release, it landed straight in at number 7 in the Australian Country Charts, as soon as I have numbers and figures I'll let you know more.

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